Ocean's Fourteen

from by Landfish



millennium of rest
he rises from the sea
his libido has been sleeping
now it can be free
eight phallic tentacles, heart at blasting pace
nothing can prepare the females of our race

drilling, filling, killing
the cunt destroyer

slut pussy fuck
the cunt destroyer

no orifice is safe

emerges from the ocean, slither on the beach
you can't run, you can't hide, no one's out of reach
sunny day, family trip, vacation full of screams
swimsuit provides no protection, no safety for your purity
tentacle, gape, feeding on the blood of your virginity

every passage flooded, seeping with it's fluid
unholy monster of creation, underwater druid
don't resist, you fucking slut, the sand will be your tomb
in your mouth, up your butt, your pussy meets it's doom


Born into a world of depravity and perversion. People are sick. Company CEO, fresh suit, condemning homosexuality because it's against the Bible. He sees it as sick and perverted, but when he goes home, behind closed doors, he masturbates to videos of forced tendril intercourse with cartoon preteens.


from Deprived, released November 1, 2013


tags: metal Edmonton


all rights reserved


Landfish Edmonton, Alberta

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