Prison Walls

from by Landfish



full circle
the bus from one prison to another
dive into doubt
anticipate failure
open the skin, play with the nerve
are you going to tell me how to feel today?

i want to crawl inside you, and be the snake within you

transgender failure/spun around preacher

i'm trying to cope with these urges
a lust for perversion, piss poor fuck-whore
leaning off the edge
nothing to catch me on the fall

i deserve nothing
less than what i get
insignificant, irrelevant
that is what she said?

dying alone, rotting, weeping
unable to withstand my constant bleeding

i have no saviour
no one is there today
i got on my knees to pray
but no one is there today

i deserve nothing
today i feel like i am dead
insignificant, unimportant
i'm nothing to her, i'm fucking dead

my brain, an empty room
my claustrophobic tomb
nothing but weakness
everyone's so far away
but i can hear them say
"nothing but weakness"


Abandoned by the system. Abandoned by everything. Nothing works. No one understands. The cycle of reassurance. Pills to calm you, pills to help you sleep, pills to make the nightmares grow a little worse. Her mind is a prison, she's hung herself from the rafters.



from Deprived, released November 1, 2013


tags: metal Edmonton


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Landfish Edmonton, Alberta

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